Al-Shabab wins to distrupt investigative journalistic Research concerning Children Recruitments

  • The Real Story of an investigative Somali (journalist) who was bullied, and subjected to exposure, Xenophopie, and Hatred with no exception to his nieces.

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The following story is based on research that we conducted where we interviewed people as first hand witnesses and translated documents/protocols from Somli, and German to English.
A Somalian journalist (E.A.) with an international award (Prize) from Human Rights Watch in recognition to his courage in uncovering human rights violations/abuses perpetrated by Alshabab in Somalia…had arrived in Canton Thurgau, Switzerland, in Septmeber 2010 after being granted a political asylum visa by the Swiss embassy in Kiev, Ukraine.
First and foremost, he was recieved (welcomed) with a pack of drug placed under his bed in the asylum home in Amriswil, in an attempt to criminalize him in the very beginning “an indication for a very hostile environment”. The asylum home in Amriswil is run by Peregrina Stiftung.
Another Story unfolds
(Some names are kept anonymous for protection)
Two months later E. met a Somalian teenager (his name is kept anonymous to protect him from reprisals), from Arbon in Amriswil asylum home, the boy came with the very compelling story to E. and said : “I have the story of Somali children being recruited by Alshabab elements in Switzerland. As a Somali journalist, are you ready to write about it ?”
 E. asked the boy…are you one of the children who are being recruited ? The boy replied, No, because i refused to get recruited. E. asked who has been recruited and who are the recruiters? The boy replied saying: those recruited are many and they are so and so and included Ayub Macalin Abdullahi Adaan. And the recruiters are : Ismail Abdullahi “ex-personal guard to Fuad Shongle -Alshabab’s top leader-“Sheikh Ahmed Hirsi (famous alshabab financer and children recruiter) – Mohidin A. Shidane – (ex alshabab fighter) – Mohamud Jama Bile – (ex alshabab Al-xisba militia) -Mohamed Nur Farah-(alshabab fighter)-Mohamed Deeq also known as Butocow amongst alshabab fighters – and etc. And added that “Ayub has already travelled to Mogadishu, Somalia, on a mission to suicide or fight for alshabab.”
E. asked the boy, to put him in contact to Ayub in Mogadishu. E. got Ayub`s contacts from the Arbon boy and commenced his journalistic research on alshabab recruitments.
The boy from Arbon was consequently attacked with knife by Ismail Abdullahi and severely wounded. After the attack the boy met E. and told him about the violent event in Arbon and demonstrated his decision to leave Switzerland for other EU countries and warned E. that the consequence of researching and writing about such a compelling story is an immense, however, E. followed up his journalistic research despite Ismail Abdullahi and his Alshabab colleagues threatening him to death and acussing him of infidelity through phone calls, sms, and facebook messages.
Meanwhile E. reported frequently  to the local police in Thurgau about the death threats. In August 2011, E.’s family came to Switzerland in a family reunification program. Sheikh Ahmed Hirsi and Ismail Abdullahi commenced to approach E.’s family through the local translators who met and translated for the newly arrived family with the intention to instrumentalize someone from the family in order to get access to the E.’s laptop which contained the whole journalistic research on Somali children recruitments by tactically accusing E. of infidelity citing Fatwa issued by Alshabab on 12.03.2011. Finally, Ismail got a copy of E.’s keys to his home, and subsequently stole the laptop.
On 10th November 2011, while E. was absent to the German class in St.gallen, the recruiters came to his house in Sulgen TG, and persuaded his wife to go and lie to the police and claim that she was a hostage at home and that she was subjected to domestic violence. A prosecutor (I) from Bischifszel commenced an investigation to proof her claims, in August 2012. the prosecutor (I)  found that the wife lied according to the legal memos;. She had keys to the house, and that she was never subjected to domestic violence and that she met a group of men in that very day according to an eye witness from Peregrina Stiftung…,…and that the wife contacted E. by email and asked him to allow her to come back to him. According to wife’s email; the wife wanted to continue as a wife for E. but E. refused her appologises and told her to keep away from him. In fact, this false accusation passed with any legal consequence.
On 5th January 2012 unknonw person stole E.`s laptop that carried the whole journalistic research work from his home. E. had subsequently reported to the police about his stolen laptop. Meanwhile death threats and violent attacks against E. continued. On 7th Sepmtember 2012. Ismail Abdullahi and Mohamud Jama Bile attacked E. in a very violent and brutal way and left him lying on the ground in Weinfelden train station. The attack left scarf on E.`s face till today. E. reported to the police.
 One week later an Arab guy from Yemen (his name is kept anonymous for protection) was sent by Ismail Abdullahi as a middle man to negotiate about the laptop in exchange of money (blackmail) and set 12.09.12 as an appointment to exchange the laptop for money, E. went to the appointment in the company of an african man (his name is kept anonymous for protection) according to Bischofszell prosecutor “II” protocols. E. Called the Arab guy and told him that he was coming for the laptop.
 Shortly after E. arrived in the appointment place in Arbon, Ismail Abudllahi and Mohamed Nuur Farah attacked him with knives from his back…then it was suddenly a confrontation between four men. Ismail Abdullahi severely injured E.`s company man and got himslef superficial injuries according to St.Gallen Hospital Medical Certificate.
Nightmares started for E. at the moment; a very xenophobic lawyer was appointed by Bischofszell prosecutor (II) to allegedly defend E., the alleged defense lawyer started his real job which was to work against E.`s interestes very openly according to the notes and correspondences writen by the so called lawyer and the protocols by prosecutor (II). The lawyer has accordingly cheated his client in German language by taking his law suit against his rivals about the Weinfelden brutal attack back without the consent of his client or knowledge, then the alleged lawyer told the prosecutor (II) that his client found the knife of Arbon attack in his home according to the prosecutor`s memos from May 2013,  as well he allowed Ismail Abdullahi`s relitves to be translators in the case e.g. (the translators are well known among the Somali community for being clan relatives of Ismail), and intriges against E. continiued. E. asked several times for another lawyer who can defend his interests but his request was catagorically rejected by prosecutor-II without any clear reason or understandible legal argumentation.
 The prosecutor claimed that the motive of what happened in Arbon was about a romantic relationship, simply ignoring the whole subsequent events from stolen laptop and death threats to violent attacks and false accusations against E. which took place prior to Arbon confrontation and if you look at the protocols where Ismail Abdullahi was asked about the reason of the fight, Ismail replied that he did not know the reason for the fight. Similarly, all his colleagues who were asked about the reason of the conflict said that they did not know the reason of the conflict. In fact, every one of Ismail’s  colleagues knew that the reason of the conflict was about the stolen laptop and the journalistic research it contained which was seen as a threat of exposure against Ismail and his colleagues). E. clearly said in the protocols, that the reason of the conflict was about his journalistic research on Somali children Recruitments by Alshabab figures in Switzerland and that he was subjected to violence and his laptop was stolen just to force him surrender and stop his journalistic research. (The female Somali journalist “Hinda” who co-researched the recruitments with E. was consequently kidnapped in Somalia in 2011, and only released on ransom, and then later was assassinated in 3rd Dec. 2015).

Unfortunatley the authority in Bischofszell pursued a diffirent story of a beautiful woman who made the whole men contest/fight for her beauty without even considering what the other prosecutor (I) found in his early investiagtions which crealry marked the story as a story of conspiracy where a group of men pursued one man with death threats and violence.

Above all, all xenophobic entities started to join forces against E. because it was the best time to finish him in the shadow of what happened in Arbon, Peregrina took E.`s bioligical nieces (who lived with him at that time; Zuhur 9 yrs old, and Hani 6 yrs Old) away and placed them under the custody of Somali family in Effretikon, and then took the children again from Effretikon and placed them under the custody of E.`s rival man Sheikh Ahmed Hirsi; choosing him as a foster father for E.`s nieces was neither accidental nor was it unplanned. The main purpose of placing the children under the sheikh was to prepare them for Arbon justice authority as tampered witnesses against their uncle “E.” another intrige and cospiracy.
 Apparently, Sheikh Ahmed Hirsi invited Ismail Abdullahi and his Arbon group to murder E. while he was on visit to his nieces on 19th December 2012 in Wil Train station according to first hand eye witness; Mohamed Ibrahim Askar 48 yrs old, Somali migrant from Erlen, Thurgau, as he accompanied E. in that night where Ismail Abdullahi and his team armed with knives waited for E. hiding in side the train from Wil to Weinfelden, as they wanted to murder him in cold blood inside the train by attacking E. with knives from his back, afer the train closes its doors, so no escape for E. (Well planed and well organised murder) but Mohamed Askar saw them hiding inside the train just behind E.’s seat and quickly puled E. out of the train before it closed the doors and moved towards weinfelden around 8.30 PM in the eveining.
 The Sheikh also commenced to torture the children on daily basis; his violent bevahior and the attempted murder against E. in Wil by Ismail Abdullahi on 19th Dec 2012, alarmed the Somali intellectuals from different cantons to convene an urgent meeting in Wil St.Gallen in 30.12.2012 and the meeting of the Somali intellectuals recommended the immediate withdrawal of the children citing the authority was only focusing on E. without showing any interest in the actual reality which could create and spread hatred among the Somali community, however it was same whether E. reported to the police or not, nothing happened as usual to the perpetrators.
 Shortly after, the children were withdrawn from the torturing family, the Swiss authority issued arrest warrant against E.`s uncle in Netherland citing that the uncle has allegedly called E. several times as a reason of involvement in a suspected children kidnapping but the Netherland authority promptly and catagoriaclly rejected the Swiss arrest warrant against the uncle citing insufficient evidence, and inadequate explanation as well as  E. And his uncle never broke the law in the Netherland.
 The main question here is: Which one is a crime :Torturing children or withdrawing them for safety purpose ? because one of the Somali intellectuals who met in Wil in Dec, 2012 said that, -We had recommended the children to be withdrawn after having seen that the authority was not interested in any solution but rather to perpetuate and deepen the conflict and take it to clans confrontation level, because Somali clans in their very nature see their children as untouchible honour, so apparently the torture of the children did not only alarm Somali intellectuals in Switzerland to convene an urgent meeting in Wil, SG. on 30.12.12,  but it also brought Somali clans in Somalia on the verge of bloody confrontation at large scale…so it was imperative to withdraw them before crisis break out in earnest. (Protocoled interviews by the prosecutor-II prove that E. and his rivals belonged to different clans.” clan system in Somalia is a way of identity, and societal classification, and way of life, but the authority never considered the clan element in placing the children under the guardianship of rival Somali family, even though, the authority was fully aware of the clan problem).
 Very strangely, the subsequent investigations carried out by the authority in Thurgau, never mentioned the torture of the children, the meeting of the Somali intellectuals in Wil, and the attempted murder against E. in Wil, SG. on 19th Dec 2012 by Ismail. Similarly, death threas, violent attacks, and stolen laptop by Ismail, were never mentioned in any investigation or protocols even though Sheikh Ahmed Hirsi and  Ismail’s crimes alarmed Somali intellectuals to convene an urgent special meeting in Wil, SG. on 30.12.12.  The violenece against E. persisted for long time of period, for example in mid 2016 in Zurich, an Arab man known as Hasan from Tunisia attacked E. with chemical spray in his right eye destroying the upper part of the IRIS, and cited that E. sent police to search Ismail Abdullahi`s home in Arbon as a reason for the chemical spray.
– Interview conducted by World council on Peace and Hope based in USA, in Dec. 2018
-Letters of Reporters without Borders
-Interviews with witnesses e.g. Mohamed Askar Ibrahim
-Protocols from the meeting in Wil on 30.12.2012 by Somali intellectuals
-Somalia ex-ambassador to Geneve – Switzerland “interview”
-lawyers whose names are kept in anonym
-Solinetz Zurich
-Macalin Abdullahi / Hawo Salah /Abdikariim family of Ayub Abdullahi (the recruited child)
By: Ahmed Daud
HANAHR editor in Chief

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