The World Human Rights Defenders summit of 2018  will soon

take place  in Paris with 150 delegates from around the world.

HANAHR as a voice for human rights in the Horn

Afrik nation will send a renown human defender (S. ABDI)

a femainst, Women`s human rights defender both in Somalia,

and in the Somali region of Ethiopia Known as zone 5 of Ethiopia.

S. ABDI was born in Ethiopia, and raised in Somalia i.e. she is a double citizen of both Ethiopia, and Somalia. She was motivated to become human rights defender by the fact that women in horn of africa are treated as a second class citizens in their own countries due to old fashioned traditions that classify women as less than men, and the main human rights challenges women face in the east african countries include; female genital mutalation, enforced early marriage, rape, and other mistreatments, and societal and political injustice and inequality. Sh. A. E. started to become the voice that represents many women in her horn afrik nation as well in her small town of Harshin, Ethiopia.

Today Somalia and Ethiopia have less FGM than in the eighties thanks to her work and other human rights defenders or simply human rights hereos. She championed the fight agaisnt FGM in her small town, and then the wider Somalia, and Ethiopia, and her voice became considerable due to the fact that she won a numerous regional awards.

Her expectation to participate in the comming world summit of human rights defenders in Paris, France, in October 2018, will only contribute to the potential international contacts and will foster and strengthen our organization`s international ties, and will give Sh. A. E. an opportunity to connect with the world.

Somalia is one of the least connected countries of the world when it comes to human rights researches or media reports.

Editor in Chief / Human Rights reports/News

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