Journalist Survives Attempted Murder

21.12.2012 – Due to the nature of the journalistic work by the truth Tellers (Journos); they have to face death threats, physical attacks, harrasment and assassination.

Photo: Somali Intellectuals Meeting in Wil, St.Gallen




Adam is a Somali journalist in exile in Switzerland who survieved an attempted murder on the 19th december 2012 in Wil, St.gallen train station according to eyewitness; Mohamed Ibrahim Askar 41 yrs old, Somali migrant  from Erlen village TG. This violance is released by Adam’s journalistic research on Somali children recruitments by Alshabab Amniyaat elements in Switzerland.

Earlier in 2011, The Alshabab Amniyat elements in Switzerland harrased Adam and threatened him to death to prevent him from researching Somali children recruitments. On 5th  January, 2012, one of Alshabab’s amnityat known as Ismail Abdullahi stole Adam’s laptop from his home according to Ismail’s recorded voice.

On 7th September, 2012, two Alshabab Amniyat elements known as Ismail Abdullahi and Mohamud Jama brutally attacked Adam in weinfelden train station according to the medical certificate issued by med. Doctor in Sulgen.  In another separate incident, they attempted to murder him on the 19th december, 2012, “we visited Adam’s nieces in the strange guardianship of Sheikh Ahmed Hirsi arranged by peregerina; a renown racist and far right extremist foundation in canton Thurgau,  and during our visit the behavior of the sheikh was quite dubious and strange, he kept a distance from us while talking on the phone to someone, then i suspected him, i was very cautious unlike Adam who did n’t realise or notice the strange behavior of the sheikh, then suddenly it was the time to cut short our visit and go back to Sulgen; Adam’s home, when we entered the train from Wil to Sulgen, i suddenly realized that we are in a big trap, as my eyes caught Ismail Abdullahi , Mohamud Jama, Mohamed Nur and others armed with knives hiding behind Adam’s seat in the train preparing to murder him as the training closes its doors and starts moving towards Sulgen village, so i quickly acted and grabbed adam’s hand and pushed him out of the train before it closed its doors and started moving.” loudly says an eyewitness named as Mohamed Ibrahim Askar, 41 yrs old, Somali migrant from Erlen village TG.

Adam had frequently reported to the local police and officially asked for relocation to another canton to avert any further violence but since the canton Thurgau is a renown and qualified racist canton, they ignored and turned down his requests which exacerbated the situation and encouraged the Alshabab amniyat elements to carry out more violence with full and guaranted impunity. Adding insult to the injury the canton confescated Adam’s nieces from him and placed them under the custody of Sheikh Ahmed Hirsi; the spritual leader of the alshabab ring in Switzerland in an attempt to create a more complicated situation by exploiting the status-quo, the canton did not any reason or justification for the confescation of adam’s nieces.

The other reason the canton did not act wisely was because Al-shabab’s amniyat elements clan relatives worked for the local police there in the canton as translators which was a privilege for the continuation of their impunity.

Adam turned to Somali intellectuals in Switzerland as an alternative authority to avert and prevent more violence permited by the racist canton.  The Somali intellectuals convened a meeting in Wil, St.gallen and advised all parties to stop the violence and return Adam’s nieces back to him according to the protocolled minutes of the meeting.


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