Somalia: Prominent Indigenous Clan Leader was killed in Kismayo town

Today – 31.08.2019: –  Prominent indigenous traditional clan leader (indigenous clan of Geeljecel who are nomads),; Sultan Abdirashid Omar dhure Gacmadhere has succumbed to the injuries he sustained during an assassination  last night in Kismayo town of southern Somalia.

Two gunmen armed with rifles have reportedly attacked the traditional leader after he left a mosque near by his residence where he prayed Maqrib prayer.

The flying bullets also killed a passer-by who was walking near by the assassinated leader.

The prominent indigenous  clan leader who was fatally shot was rushed to the hospital and succumbed to the injuries while undergoing treatment.

A young boy who was with the slain traditional leader during the attack was also injured and is fighting for his life at the hospital.

The traditional  leader was an active and prominent  peacemaker and was planning to take part in the efforts to nominate regional lawmakers for Jubbaland state of Somalia.

Kismayo is preparing for Jubbaland regional leadership election in late August. Daahir Amiin Jeesow; a prominent Somali MP criticized Sheikh Ahmed Madobe (alshabab’s Raskambooni brigade leader) for the assassination and warned him against possible legal consequences in the near future, as he acussed the Sheikh for committing extrajudicial, and summery killings in Juba region of Somalia with the help of the Kenyan Defense Force also known as KDF.

Political analysts in the region warn against the posibility of Somalia’s conflict spilling over into Kenya, where a new wind of secessionist is blowing from mombasa republic and NFD direction which puts the region on the brink of a wider armed conflict. Reports by Somalia’s federal government and UN acussed Kenyan Defense Force in Somalia of supporting alshabab to perpetuate the conflict in Somalia and exploit the status-quo to annex a large section of Somalia’s territorial waters.

Nationalists in Somalia warn Kenya to withdraw its army immediately from Somalia before the real battle begins in earnest.

Shedya A.

Jigjiga, Ethiopia

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