Somalia: Transitional Justice is Inevitable

Somalia has witnessed mass atrocities through three decades of armed conflict. Warlords who perpetrated the war atrocities enjoy impunity and victims need access to justice.

HRDs: Ilyas, Abdiqani, and Philippe discussing HR issues in the HOA region. Photo by Pascale Paradis of ASF – 21.02.2020

Horn News Agency for Human Rights (HANAHR) spares no effort to unleash a transitional justice road in Somalia in collaboration with all stakeholders in order to perpetuate peace and stability in Somalia and beyond.

Our head of human rights advocacy; I. Adam and our representative in Ethiopia Abdiqani Gudade met with Pascale Paradis and Philippe Tremblay From the Canadian lawyers without borders (ASF) in Addis Ababa, to discuss on diverse human rights issues e.g. transitional justice, prevention of gender based violence, and human trafficking in Somalia and beyond.

Pascale Paradis, the ASF director asserted the importance of gender based violence prevention in the region and transitional justice in Somalia. HANAHR asserted the importance of transitional justice road map in Somalia and training lawyers as trainers “Training of trainers” in order to build their capacity and prepare professional lawyers to contribute to the transitional justice road map in Somalia, where access to justice for both victims and perpetrators is guaranteed, and finally there can be accountability and responsibility for the war atrocities perpetrated in Somalia, following the same transitional justice model of Rwanda and Burundi.

HANAHR lawyers are optimistic that transitional justice road map in Somalia can bring a lasting peace and stability in Somalia, where the international community takes its responsibility to open international jurisdiction for the war crimes committed in Somalia in the same way the international community handled the Somalia piracy problem, where many countries prosecuted alleged Somali pirates.

Dr Ahmed