Somalia: Severe Floods Hit Beledweyne Town

Somalia – Over a half million people are displaced after severe floods hit one of Somalia’s business hub towns in the south (Beledweyne)

Floods hit Beledweyne Town

Beleweyne Town severely flooded






Recent river and flash floods that severely hit Beledweyne town in Hiiraan region, Somalia caused entire population displacement, property and infrastructure destruction and ceased all business activities from and to Beledweyne. Bededweyne as an important business hub is a lifeline that links south regions in Somalia and some Ethiopian regions to the coastal cities e.g. Bosaso, and Mogadishu.

The recent floods actually demonstrated the potential of the locally organized humanitarian aid by ordinary Somalians as more effective and less corrupt than the international  humaintarian aid which is more complicated and corrupted.

Lessons learnt from the floods are more practical and helped in improvising an innovative and more effective approach to deal with such destructive floods through local humanitarian assistance raised by mullahs, HRDs, and social humanitarian activists.

HANAHR Editorial Team – Somalia