Somalia: Female Journalist Assassinated

03.12.2015-Today, Hinda Xaaji Maxamed Jaamac is assassinated shortly after coming out from the university by C/risaaq Maxamed Barrow known amongst alshabaab as (Macalin Maxamed) and Xasan Nuur Cali known amongst alshabaab as (Sheekh Aweys).  – see video in the following link

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Hinda X. M. Jaamac – the Slain female journalist.

Four years earlier, Hinda was abducted, and tortured by Alshabab in (August 2011) after being accused of contributing / co-researching on Somali children recruitments by alshabaab elements in Switzerland in cooperation with another award winning investigative Somali journalist (E.A.H.) based in Switzerland. She was later released on the 15th November 2012 on ransom.

Hinda has been working for Somalia national Television and Radio. Hinda’s assassination comes in a series of targeted killings against journalists working in side Somalia. Usually the blame of such targeted killings squarely lies at the feet of alshabaab terror group in Somalia, though some targeted killings are to blame the goverments soldiers.

Cali Maykal, the director of Somalia Television and Radio told the media in Mogadishu that Hinda received death threats from alshabaab via telephone calls and sms prior to her assassination, citing that she was deeply involved in journalistic researchs conducted by Somali investigative journists (e.g. E.A.) on alshabaab recruitments training Somali children in Europe e.g. Switzerland, UK, and Norway and sending them back to Somalia to fight for alshabaab.

Observations conducted on facebook accounts (e.g. Ismail Kaka, Lacala Mohamud…) devoted al-shabab recruiters in Switzerland by independent presss watch dogs show that comments glorifying the assassination of Hinda Xaji.

Cali Maykal added that Hinda expected such an action was in the making by alshabaab, after she received death threats, and warnings to quit the research on the recruitments. In the very beganning of 2015 (the same year as Hinda was murdered), Somalia’s ambassador to Switzerland was too assassinated in Mogadishu. The ambassador facilatated the journalistic research conducted by the above mentioned journalists.

muktar yusuf

JPA editor at large

Photo by Cameraman – Abdikani A.

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