Somalia: (16.5.2019) – Justice for Rape Victim (Caasho I.)

Caasho I. 12 yrs old - Student / victim of the most brutal rape.

Caasho I. 12 yrs old, student, was raped and burtally murdered in late febraury 2019 in Nugaal Region – Somalia by a group of young men. Caasho went outside their home in Galkio just to buy something from the near by shops and met a tragedy that cut her life short. On 15.5.2019, the first instance court of Nugaal region sentenced three men (Cabdifitaax cabdiaxmaan Warsame, and his brother Cabdisalaan Cabdiraxmaan Warsame and their accomplice Cabdishakuur Maxamed Dige, to death and gave one month period of appeal chance against the court ruling.

The rape of Caasho is an isolated event but it is serial rape in different parties of Somalia where the rape is seemingly becoming an epademic. The rape of Caasho triggered public anger and rage because she was only 12 yrs old and she was brutally murdered after she was raped.

Taken all together, justice authority in Somalia need to take a tough and hard instance on the new epademic rape in the country against our sisters, daughters, and mothers.

By I. Adam

Human Rights and Advocacy for women and children

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