Red Sea: Saudi Arabia Air Raid on Refugee Boat left Survivors

The Saudi air raid that targeted refugee boat in the red sea, carrying mainly Somali refugees, was strongly criticised by Human Rights Watch as an act of war crime.


In mid March 2017, Saudi Arabia reportedly carried out an air raid on a refugee boat carrying 145 Somali refugees, crossing from Yemen to Sudan. The air raid left 42 refugees killed and others wounded.

Asma Ahmed; a survivor recalls the horrible moments as the air attack unfolded. Asma says; ” we saw first some reconnaissance helicopters flying over our boat, and some our hours later mid night, we came under heavy air attack by what seemed to be Saudi Arabia helicopters; using heavy machine guns, targeting all in-mates in our boat, i saw people killed and injured and suddenly our boat turned into a pool full of blood.”

Some international human rights organisations like human rights watch condemned the attack and described it as a war crime, and some survivors of that bloody and brutal attack asked ever since for international inquiry into the attack and asked for compensation for those killed and injured in the attack.

It is upto the UN human rights council to open an inquiry into on behalf of the victims of the attack and ask for compensation for the survivors accordingly and condemn the government that is behind the attack. It is never too late to seek compensation, given the severity of the attack, and the clarity concerning who perpetrated that attack.

By – I.A.