Mr. Bari Bari on Alshabab “Interview.”


Somali’s Ambassador to Switzerland “Mr.Bari Bari”.

Last Interview with Somalia Ambassador  “Yusuf Ismail Bari Bari” to Geneve-Switzerland- (21.2.2015) – Geneve.
Jupa Press Agency (JPA): Can you please briefly describe your self ?
Yusuf Bari Bari (YBB): I am Somalia’s Ambassador to Geneve-Switzerland, and representative to the UN office in Geneve.
JPA: Why did you choose to talk to the media now ?
YBB: I want to shed the light on Alshabab recruitments among the Somali diaspora in Switzerland, and specially focus on the Somali teenager ” Ayub Macalin Abdullahi ” who was recruited by Alshabab operatives in Zurich along side with other dozens of Somali teenagers in  2011-2015.
JPA: Why do you focus on Ayub only ?
YBB: Well, it is not only Ayub, though Ayub’s case has specially attracted my attention, because his case endangered the life of his father where he survived from an attempted assassination in Mogadishu, and brought the journalists who investigated the case either to prison or kidnapped in an obvious plot perpetrated by Alshabab operatives in Switzerland.
JPA: Who are the Alshabab operatives in Switzerland ? and where are they ?
YBB: They are too many, but here i can mention only those involved in recruiting Ayub Macalin, e.g  Ahmed Hirsi Abdi- Leader, “Mr.Hirsi holds Italian passport with a name different than the name he resides in Switzerland , and keeps a large amount of gold and money at Uni Credit Bank in Milano, Italy in order to finance Alshabab in Somalia .”, Mohamud Jama Bile- Military trainer, Ismail Abdullahi- Explosives expert, Muhudeen Abdullahi- religious preacher, Mohamed Nur Farah – explosives expert, and Mohamed Qadar Botocow; based in St.gallen, Thurgau, and Geneve respectively.
They are not only involved in recruitments, they also support Alshabab`s military operations in east africa e.g. Kenya’s mall attack in 2013.
JPA: How is it possible for them to live here in Switzerland, without being brought to justice ?                                           YBB: Well, they use many shields that prevent them from being exposed; e.g. in one way  they are very much previlleged because they are sub clan relatives of the officially employed Somali translators e.g. Hawo Duale, Ayan Abdullahi and Maryan Abdullahi …etc.
So they cover up for their crimes, as in the case of Ayub and the imprisoned journalist “mr.Hassan.”
Where they were able to manipulate and reverse the facts.
JPA: What happened to the journalist “Mr. “Hassan.”, whom you have mentioned and why ?
YBB: You know, they did use every thing against the journalists to stop them from uncovering the truth about Ayub’s recruitment in Zurich, and they used many tactics e.g. violence, knife attacks, attacking his two nieces “Zuhur and Hani ” at school, and death threats, even though, they finally managed to steal the journalist’s Laptop from his home.
Amid permissible violence, the journalist did report to the police about his ordeal, and made official request to relocate to another canton.
But local authority turned blind eye to the situation.
More worse, the local authority did remove his nieces from him shortly after, he had a problem with his rivals in September 2012, and ironically handed his nieces over to his rivals and directly to Sheikh Ahmed Hirsi…”what a farce” !. His two nieces were tortured by Hirsi as a revenge, for instance ” Zuhur’s nose was broken” but fortunately, they managed to escape and take refuge at our embassy in early 2013.
JPA:Thank you for talking to JPA.
YBB:You are always welcome.
Summerised Facts
After one month from the date of this interview, Mr Bari Bari was assassinated in Mogadishu by Alshabab. And in late 2011 the another involved journalist Hinda was kidnapped and tortured in Mogadishu by Alshabab. But all victims point fingers at Alshabab operatives. “ditto.”  As perpetrators.
 We have interviewed 160 Somali migrants from Thurgau to Geneve.
All our interviewees have requested their names to be kept anonymous, but confirmed unanimously that the Somali translators in Thurgau e.g. Hawo Duale, Ayan Abdullahi, Maryan A. and so on, are clan relatives to the above mentioned Alshabab operatives, which makes them privillaged at all times.
By the editor of JPA

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