Horn Afrik Refugees Network (HARN) – 14.08.2014

HARN Profile

Horn Afrik Refugees Network

Horn Afrik Refugees Network (HARN) was established in 2014 by urban refugees in the horn of africa region e.g. Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti
HARN Is non governmental organisation and the largest urban refugee network in horn of africa region with 5 urban refugee associations and organisations in Somalia and 7 urban refugee associations in Ethiopia and one refugee association in Djibouti. Activities of HARN are to support urban Refugees, and make their livelihoods in the city sustainable, including IDPs in in the cities, serve and advocate on behalf of urban refugees and other internally displaced persons in the urban. HARN seeks to provides education, skills training, psychosocial support, pastoral care, peace-education, livelihoods services and emergency relief and advocacy activities on different levels. In urban cities, HARN assists new arrivals of IDPs and most vulnerable urban refugees by providing food and non-food items, financial and medical assistance and psycho-social support. HARN grants small loans to urban refugees to enable them become self-reliant and earn their own living. The HARN Shop will help and enable refugees market and sell their products. HARN provides support for pre-school and secondary level education for urban refugee children as well.
In local urban refugee camps, HARN provides psycho-social and educational support. HARN focuses on counselling and mental health care, training and empowering community counsellors, alternative healers and mental health workers from among the urban refugees. HARN supports tertiary education for students registered in distance learning programmes, and offers educational scholarships for children with disabilities, and those students who are well-performing.
Mission: advocating and supporting sustainable livelihood for urban refugees
Vision: Building sustainable societal support for the urban refugees e.g. most vulnerable people among the urban refugee society.

Inquiries about HARN should be addressed to hornafrikrefugees@gmail.com