Horn of Africa: CHRIO v. HANAHR (Partnership for Human Rights)






July 30, 2019 – Horn of Africa region witneses the formation of strong human rights partnership between Canadian International Human Rights Organisation CHRIO (The Canadian Human Rights International Organization- CHRIO, was born out of necessity to support hundreds of victims of human rights violations.) and Horn Afrik News Agency for Human Rights HANAHR (HANAHR is a human rights news agency which is first of its kind in africa that covers human rights related issues in the horn of africa region and beyond. HANAHR defends human rights and protects HRDs.)

The new human rights  partnership will improve the defense of human rights in the region where both organizations will collaborate exclusively on human rights issues at large.

The horn of africa region (HOA) is one of the most volatile regions in the world interms of human rights abuses sustained by impunity. The HOA region is plagued by terrorism and counter-terrorism operations and in between the two conflicting sides; a large number of civilian population whose human rights are abused and as well victimised by both sides to the conflict where the international humanitarian law is breached.

The CHRIO africa mission’s head (Dr Omer DOSSOU-YOVO) signed the new human rights partnership with HANAHR to better defend human rights in the region and beyond.                             ”The partnership aims to make human rights a reality in the region and beyond” –  Ahmed Daud ; the HANAHR DIRECTOR  in Horn of africa region (HOA).

By – I. A.

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