HANAHR Eyes Intl. Human Rights Strategic Partnerships


HANAHR signs MOU with Eyewitness Global to Documet human rights violations in Somalia.





In June 2020, HANAHR has achieved alot in the field of human rights promotion, defense, and advocacy by signing a MOU with eyewitness global in order to seek to bring to justice those who commit international atrocity crimes by documenting atrocities by using an app to take verifiable video and photo evidences.

This app is very crucial in documenting human rights violations and then using its content as a evidence against perpetrators of human rights violations in Somalia and holding them accountable before the international justice.

HANAHR has also unleashed partnership and Collaboration talks with Frontline Defenders based in Dublin, Ireland, in order to support human rights defenders (HRDs) at risk in the horn of africa region (HOA), where HANAHR is set to offer linguistic support to HRDs who don’t speak English and have complications in filing a request for support. HANAHR has also commenced a partnership talks with the pan African feminist strategic litigation organisation in order to support women human rights in Somalia.

University human rights network, ABA Justice Defenders program, accountability council,  african Judges and Jurists forum, and many more other international and regional organisations are in talks or at edge of signing a strategic human rights defense partnership with HANAHR. These accomplishments and achievements are made by the HANAHR staff for the sake of human rights promotion, defense,  and advocacy in the horn of africa region.

HANAHR human rights advocacy and partnerships manager