HANAHR Djibouti Country Director Invited to Nairobi

Hodan Said Kaireh, the HANAHR Djibouti Country Director on visit to Nairobi, to continue to fight for the women human rights in the horn of africa region, after meeting with the female HRD; Khadija Ahmed Isaaq, whose women human rights advocacy released violence and retaliation against her in Kismayo, Juba, Somalia. Hodan will brief WACC on the situation of female HRDs in Djibouti and Somalia, and will further fight for the human rights of all female HRDs including Khadija Ahmed who continues to refuse to give up her fight for women human rights advocacy at HANAHR, as HANAHR plans to join the African feminist litigation network.

Hodan Said – HANAHR Djibouti country Director





Hodan officially gets on December 9, 2019, invitation letter to participate in a gender and media event
16-18 December 2019, Nairobi. The WACC wrote Hodan Said Kaireh an invitation letter and it is:
WACC is inviting you to participate in a gender and media partners’ event in Nairobi, Kenya
from 16th
– 18th December 2019 with the 15th and 19th December as travel days. The event
integrates three components critical for our work together, namely, a consultation, training
workshop and write-shop, with the following as the main objectives:
 To gather lessons and best practices to inform revisions to WACC’s strategy on support
for communication rights initiatives centered on critical media monitoring
 To build capacity on the Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) 2020 monitoring
methodology. We will have a chance for hands-on practice and discussion on the coding
and data capture instruments.
 To develop an assessment report for the Beijing +25 review, identifying successes, gaps
and opportunities in the implementation of the media recommendations (Section J) of
the BPfA, including feedback for the Agenda 2030+5 review
WACC will pay the costs of your airfare (economy rate) and accommodation and meals in
Nairobi. WACC will make the air travel arrangements and refund the cost of a visa if required.
No supplementary costs and daily allowances will be offered.
WACC very much looks forward to your participation in the meeting.
Yours sincerely,
Sarah Macharia, Ph.D.
Manager, Gender & Communication