HANAHR Appoints Acclaimed Lawyer Aref Mohamed Aref as its International Ambassador

HANAHR Appoints Acclaimed International Lawyer Aref Mohamhe Aref to be its International Ambassador to work together for the promotion and defense of human rights in the horn of africa region, as well pushing transitional justice in Somalia in an attempt to consolidate peace and protect human dignity.

The International Ambassador of HANAHR – The acclaimed Lawyer; Aref Mohamed

The importance of the lawyer representing HANAHR and the human rights in the HOA region is to unleash the full potential of the human rights defenders in our region in order to spread human culture and create a region where peaceful coexistence and human development is possible.

The Ambassador will work with international actors to uncover and expose violations in our region and identify suitable solutions accordingly. The new ambassador is a hope and beacon for all human rights defenders in the horn of africa region, and with his leadership the change will remarkably be immense as he will contribute his regional and international experience to the advocacy and defense of human rights in the HOA region at regional and international level.

Dr Ahmed D.